Meet The Team


We have a crew of amazing people that work behind the scenes and down at fields to make your experience second to none. Here’s a few familiar faces. If you havent shared a drink with any of these lovely folk, you’re not doing it right ;)


Say g'day to Mads, the Aussie powerhouse behind Urban Rec Aus! For the past 12 years, she's been on a mission to unite people through epic events and unforgettable experiences. From thrilling tournaments to laid-back socials, Mads knows how to throw a party like no other!  But here's the kicker – despite being the mastermind behind all things sports and recreation, Mads is hilariously hopeless when it comes to playing herself!  Yep, you heard it right – she's not exactly MVP material. But hey, that's what makes her the perfect embodiment of Urban Rec's spirit – she's all about giving it a go, having fun, and embracing the joy of play, even if it involves a few (or many) fumbles along the way! So, here's to Mads – the ultimate champion of bringing people together, one laugh, and one clumsy kick at a time!



Introducing Danny, the seasoned sports pro with a knack for building communities and crafting unforgettable member experiences! With years of Rugby wisdom under his belt, he's like the Yoda of social sports – wise, experienced, and always ready to pass on his knowledge. But here's the twist – Danny's not just about the game; he's also a master at dealing with the rowdy riff-raff and brewing up a mean cuppa! Whether he's leading the team to records or keeping the troublemakers in line, Danny's got it all covered. And let's not forget his Midlands charm – though some may struggle to decipher his accent, everyone can agree that Danny's the heart and soul of the team, bringing warmth, laughter, and plenty of brews to the table!

Danny Skidmore

ELIAS GHANNOUM – League manager

Meet Elias, the dynamic addition to our vibrant Melbourne team, bringing a breath of fresh air as our enthusiastic league manager! Elias originally joined Urban Rec as a host and was quickly recruited to head office as a League Manager and Marketing Support. Elias has a warm nature and welcoming presence that serves our members perfectly. With a background in retail and hospitality, quick-thinking and going above and beyond is part of their wheelhouse. Elias loves bush doofs, hummus, Multisport, attention to detail, and challenging the norm! Make sure you find them at the leagues for a cheeky chat!!


Ryan Danne – Operations manager

Here’s Ryan, affectionately known as "Rowdy". Ryan is Elias' unofficial psychologist, carer, and personal assistant. He works behind the scenes to ensure that any problem that can be solved from our Sydney office is solved. He’s a young man with an old soul, our resident retiree in disguise. Yet, despite his affinity for cozy nights in, Ryan's no stranger to a good time, especially when it involves cricket on the field or a pint at the pub. It's no wonder they call him "Rowdy"!



On top of that, we have a wonderful team of Event Hosts who make Urban Rec league nights an epic experience. Here are just a few familiar faces!

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